The Journal Humanities intend to achieve goals in the field of scientific publications in an efficient and sustainable way:

Application of the highest standards in the production of scientific periodicals, both in print and in electronic edition.
Compliance with norms, criteria and standards for scientific journals prescribed by reference international and national institutions and state authorities.
Promotion of creative and scientific freedoms in the creation of opportunities for the development of scientific thought and scientific work, especially through the stimulation of the development of scientific research in the scientific fields concerned.
The gathering of competent and referential local and foreign scientists in the bodies of the journal – Editorial Board, Council and reviewers of the journal.
Development of the rubric of the magazine during the first two years of publication and depending on the interest of the scientific community of authors and readers of the journal.
Presence in a number of index databases that will provide as much as possible a quotation index as well as a better propulsion of published works in the domestic and global scientific community.
Openness to alternative forms of work such as issuing special thematic numbers and organization of scientific conferences and conferences (scientific camps, summer and winter schools, etc.) and the development of publishing activities.
Printing in printed form and simultaneous development of electronic edition.
Multilingual edition.
Increase frequency of output in continuous growth up to four times a year.
Application of modern information and communication technologies and software solutions in communication and product dissemination.