The publication of the Humanist magazine, as well as the publication of all other editions and the entire publishing business, are of a non-profit character.

The economic business and the financing of all our activities are based on the cost principle, that is, on the basis of settling real costs, without the right and possibility for the publisher to obtain a profit, a dividend or any other (non-cost) compensation for himself.

Journalism Humanistics (electronic edition) does not charge its readers access to and use of content.

The magazine Humanistika (printed edition) is sold at a cost based on cost recovery.

The Humanist Journal does not charge any authors fees or other types of expenses or participation in the preparation, review and publication of their works.

The journal Humanity is financed by income from membership fees, sales issues, subsidies from public institutions, private donors, as well as international and domestic funds for culture and science.

If you want to help with the work and publication of Humanities you can do this by making a donation contract with us and paying money to our current accounts.

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Payment details for domestic transfer:

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Purpose of payment: Donation for the journal Humanistika