The Journal Humanites achieves continuous progress and growth in organizational and editorial performance. The number of associates is increasing, the quality of works is improved by observing methodological standards. The thematic opus is enriched according to the needs and volume of research in the scientific fields. The editors are responsible for the thematic segments, reviewers apply the double blind peer preview standards, which contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of the received papers. The Secretariat consistently and neatly runs the administration of the magazine primarily through proper and complete application of the capacity of the Assistantship platform, review books and the register of reviewers. The editorial staff monitors, synchronises and coordinates their work and monitors the current production in the country and the world in the scientific field of social sciences. Humanities are joining national and international alliances, associations, clusters and clusters of similar magazines. Promotional activity is promoted in order to reach the target groups. Financing is stable and works on non-profit principles.